How Do You Sign Up For Sim-Net?

Sim-Net now offers a 30 day

Play games, make friends and experience what the friendly atmosphere of a private "Virtual Community" is like. To request a 30 day guest account, please send us a short note stating the following:

Your Name

Your eMail Address

Your Address (include Country)

Your User ID (Maximum of 8 Characters--This is the NAME or Callsign that you want other people to see you as when using Sim-Net i.e., Batman, Deadmeat, etc.)

Your Computer Type (Macintosh or PC)

You will receive a return email within 48 hours listing your new Sim-Net account information. It will include your user ID and Password for accessing Sim-Net Online Services. If you decide to become a contributing member of our community you can send in your confidential registration via Sim-Net email at any time (Annual Memberships are currently $75 per year for the first 2500 Charter Members). If we do not hear from you within the term of your guest membership, your account will automaticallly terminate after 30 days.

Here's what you will need after you receive your GUEST ID and PASSWORD: