Sim-Net Members can have their NAME and favorite web site listed here. Feel free to take a look at what OUR MEMBERS like on the Web!

Flea: It is kewl

Wrif: This is my brand new page.lots of cool stuff will be added.Im trying to make a message board using an email form,lots of stuff on its way.

Avatar: Its my own personnal den........

Venom: Macintosh Games, News, Demos, and Links. Pretty cool sight. Growing rapidly.

El Temblor: It has 19+ pictures of me and it has links to my other hit pages

Clockworks: Ever want to blow up a Federal building? ;-) cool nuclear pics also......explosives/bombs/unstable chemicals/fuses Wyvern: If you like exotic music, check here...

Bronco: What is cool about this site? Everything.

DemonV: Descent Net players guide. Alta Vista. Descent Links page. Some other cool junk

Dr. Death: Check out the cool java, shockwave stuff coming soon, home of All-Net Online, WOW, H8rs 'r' Us, and much more.

Clay: i don't mince words and cut right to the chase. ENTER. That's about it. The thing is getting huge and is draining my life away. Wish I could figure out a way to make money with it? Oh well.

Atlas: Mac links picts of wife, boat, 4wd truck, dogs, etc

Rip: This is my Fitness and Health Page, New Zealand Fitness.

Amgine: Do you hate buzzwords? then this is the place for you!

The Cros: Many many things! (Isn't the point to explore?)

Iceman: Cuz it has all the info you need to get on-line with the coolest network in the United States :-)

Ambrosia: So, you and a couple buddies are sitting around with not much to do, and you happen to have a couple Mac's wired together, but you're not sure what to do with them? Well, look no further. Nothing kicks more then going head-to-head against a friend in a virtual battlefield. This page lists plenty of 'em that can be played over a network.

But that's not all! You'll also find internet games (imagine a combat flight sim with hundreds of players!), as well as how to set up regular network games to be played over modems or even the Internet. You'll find the latest news on hot soon-to-be released network games, to tales of the very first network gaming parties. So sit back and poke around!

Cyberloom: Cyberloom is an Australian Internet Service Provider, launched in March 1995, and dedicated to providing quality Internet services at a sensible price.
Softarc: SoftArc develops FirstClass¨, a multiplatform electronic mail and group collaboration product. Use FirstClass for easy-to-set-up intranet communications that go far beyond simple e-mail and newsgroups!
KaliTimes: Tired of surfing a billion sites for the one thing you need? You are in luck. You now have "The Kali Times." This is 'the' most thorough web site for information on Kali and the on-line multiplayer gaming world. The Kali Times has been established to ease the work of the average web surfer and provide for more entertainment. In other words, this is the "Wal-martİ" for the on-line gaming world. The Kali Times is your one-stop resource center and IF you can't find something at this site, or are just having trouble finding something, please email the websmith, and measures will be taken to ease your life.
The Ultimatae Macintosh: Welcome to the BEST Macintosh pages on the World Wide Web. If there is a Macintosh related page that you think should be included on this list, or to report dead links send email to me, Michael Yee, at And, if you're really bored, you can visit my home page.
Gamer's Zone: Gaming is what it's all about! Read reviews, check out cool sites, download some software, or get busy playing! You may select from one of the features on the map above, or choose from the index below.
Dragon Systems: I am an Apple Macintosh programmer. I am currently working on a new game project for the Mac. I hope to launch this game in the Summer of 1997 as shareware.

My site currently contains details on my programming projects, Apple FTP site listings, Warez listings and Developer links. I constantly update my site and I will be launching a new group of pages detailing the mechanics of writing a game eg papers on linked lists, stacks queues, using resources, how to play music in the background and loads more.

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