Play Games with A PC!

Sim-Net maintains a SUPER cool Kali Server for members to access. The Kali Server® for playing games over the internet. PC users can play both Mac and PC users in various interactive games that use the IPX Protocol.
Please note that Sim-Net does NOT provide GAMES nor do we CHARGE for PLAYING GAMES. Sim-Net provides the machines and the connection software for members to connect and play other people with THEIR OWN games that THEY HAVE PURCHASED.
Before we get into the games setup, it is important to understand how Sim-Net is set up.

Think if Sim-Net as MORE than ONE server.

First, Sim-Net offers our members a FirstClass® Server which is used for chats and file transfers...this is where you set up a game with your opponent using chat rooms. To connnect to the Sim-Net FirstClass server you will need the Sim-Net First Class settings v.3.0 or later and FirstClass Client v.3.5. or later. To get these files, go to the "How Do I Connect to Sim-Net" page.

Second, there is Kali server. Kali uses IPX protocol that is popular with IBM compatible machines. Kali has been around for a long time on PC machines and has recently been ported to Macintosh. The cost for Kali is $20 for registration numbers (although you can play for 15 minute stints for free.) Once you have the registration numbers, you are ready to cruise around on the Kali servers.

The process for connecting to the Sim-Net Kali Server is listed below: