Get the Demo Version of Descent I HERE!!

Game Description:

Interplay's Descent I for Mac opened the doors to virtual spaceship battles on the Mac. Slide into the seat of your very own space hog and watch your enemies blow up IN YOUR FACE!

The 3-D engine used in this game offers a FULL 360 degree world that is so real you may lose your lunch....With graphics like these,there is only one game that can top Descent I....DESCENT II!!

In our humble opinion, Descent is the best space action shootem up ever created for network play. This game is for PowerPC computers ONLY!! But hey, don't feel like you have to go out and buy a power Mac just to play this game....then again, if you DON'T, you are missing out on a WORLD of FUN like you'll NEVER KNOW!!!

We regret that Descent II for Mac is NOT APPROVED for play over Sim-Net at this time. There are some problems with the network code that make it difficult....actually impossible to play on IPRemote at this time.


This game offers networking using Appletalk protocol. This can be accomplished in a local area network, Apple Remote Access and IPRemote (via Internet connection) and modem to modem.

Local Area Network- Playing areas can be created by end users...making the number of possible game levels unending, up to 8 pilots per game.

IPRemote Network- Playing areas can be created by end users...making the number of possible game levels unending, up to 3 (occasionally 4 if 28.8 modems are used) pilots per game.

Cross Platform- This game will play cross platform on local area networks only. We are hoping to make this work cross-platform over Sim-Net in the near future.

Rules of Play on Sim-Net Network:

Weapons are loaded automatically

First one to 10 kills WINS that match. Must win by 2 Kills.

Setting up a Network Game:

Once you have found an opponent in the Sim-Net chat rooms AND connected to the Sim-Net IPRemote Server, start your DESCENT game. Be sure to decide on WHICH playing area (level) you will be using for your match AND decide WHICH player is GOING to be HOSTING and which player(s) is going to JOIN!

When the game has started, select Multiplayer and START APPLETALK GAME or JOIN APPLETALK GAME as decided on prior to the game.

If you are HOSTING, select one of the levels that you agreed to have your match in.

Select the type of network you will be running the game on... For IPRemote you MAY SELECT OTHER NETWORK . for the game to work properly.

Once you see your opponents(s) name appear, hit RETURN and the game will begin. Your craft will start out at a predifined random location within the mazes and tunnels of a mine. You will need to locate your enemy as quickly as possible and destroy him/her 10 times to win!!!

First one to get killed 10 times...loses!!! Good luck!