Game Description:

Chuck Yeager's Air Combat by Electronics Arts, offers flight enthusiasts an opportunity to do head-to-head battle in a variety of aircraft. Fast paced action keeps you on your toes as you battle your friends over the internet trying to see WHO IS THE BEST! Chuck Yeager can be played head-to-head (up to 2 players per match)

CYAC includes the ability to CHAT PRIOR to flight, which helps in setting up games over IPRemote. In addition, this game allows YOU to select different types of planes, for example, you can take a P-51 and pit it against a MIG-21...of may want to practice first!

CYAC is an oldie but a goodfie. Highly recommended for those who love flight simulations..and older aircraft.


This game offers networking using Appletalk protocol. This can be accomplished in a local area network, Apple Remote Access and IPRemote (via Internet connection).

Local Area Network- 1 playing area, 2 pilots per area. Total unlimited 2-player matches on one network.

IPRemote Network- 1 playing area, 2 pilots per area. Total unlimited 2-player matches on one network.

Cross Platform- This game does not play against the PC version of CYAC.

Rules of Play on Sim-Net Network:

Players begin at an altitude of 10,000 ft head-to-head. You MAY NOT use EASY AIMING.

Weapons are automatically loaded. P-51's are most commonly used to do battle in tournament play. However, planes may vary depending on the tournament. First Pilot to make the best of 5 kills wins (Must win by 2 kills).

Setting up a Network Game:

Once you have found an opponent in the Sim-Net chat rooms AND connected to the Sim-Net IPRemote Server, start your CYAC game. Be sure to decide on WHICH player is GOING to be HOSTING and which player is going to JOIN!

When the game has started, use the FLY menu and select HEAD-TO-HEAD . A dialog box will appear, select NETWORK JOIN or HOST as decided on prior to the game.

If you are HOSTING, a dialog box will appear and advise you to stand by for your opponent to join the game.

Once the other pilot JOINS the match, set the fields to whatever planes you deciced on AND an altitude of 10,000 ft (if you are flying a tournament). Select the FLY and begin your flight. Your plane will start out at already in flight, with your opponent nearly in front of you. You will need to locate your enemy as quickly as possible and destroy him/her.

You may find it difficult to VIEW THE ENEMY AIRCRAFT. Find him fast and fly by the rules of engagement listed above.

First one to the most in 5 kills...loses!!! Good luck!