Get the Demo Version of Close Combat for Mac HERE!!

Game Description:

Close Combat, the latest creation of Atomic Games, is a WWII tactical level simulation, where YOU are the battlefield commander. Not some armchair general sitting way behind front lines. YOU are there. Close Combat puts you into the middle of the action as no game has before. As the battle field commander, you control teams of men, but make no mistake, these are real men.

Each soldier is not only modeled as to his offensive and defensive capabilities, but his psyche is depicted as well. Too much battle stress and your troops will be less responsive to your orders. Close Combat has the superb graphics with the attention to historical detail that Atomic is famous for. All of these elements are augmented by a user interface that is simple and requires almost no learning curve to get started.

As the commander you can tell your teams to Move, Move Fast, Fire, Fire Smoke, Defend, and Hide, using an intuitive drag-and-drop style interface. The Trial Version is a fully functional demo, capable of single player or Head-to-Head Internet play through the first Maneuver of the retail product. Also included is BootCamp, an interactive tutorial through the basic mechanics of playing the game.

The US version wil start appearing in stores in about a week and should be in all US stores by the 25th. The international English edition of Close Combat should be in stores across the globe in August. The localized verions should hit in September. As for direct orders, customers can call the main MS number and ask, but MS tries to direct customers to retailers.


This game offers networking using TCP/IP (via Internet connection).

Local Area Network- N/A

IPRemote Network- N/A

Cross Platform- Mac AND PC users can play this game (as well as the demo) against each other!!!

Rules of Play on Sim-Net Network:

Rules for this game have not yet been established. We will begin making some rules after the full version of the game is released.

Setting up a Network Game:

Once you have found an opponent in the Sim-Net chat rooms AND connected to the Sim-Net IPRemote Server, start your Close Combat game. Be sure to decide on WHICH player is GOING to be CONNECTING and which player is going to WAITING!

When the game has started, select the TWO PLAYER button as indicated in the picture below.

If you are CONNECTING, type in the IP Address of your opponent. If you are WAITING, simply wait for a message from your opponent to start the game.

Use your men to destroy the enemy forces... Good luck!