Get the Demo Version of GameMaster 1.0 HERE!!

Game Description:

Gamemaster is a shareware game that lets users play some classic games such as:

In addition, Gamemaster offers its own simple chat AND file transfers! Oh, and one more nifty feature is that Gamemaster works over IPRemote (via the internet) AND using TCP/IP directly from one computer to another over the internet!!

Sim-Net generally uses the CHESS game for tournaments and fun as this is the only game in gamemaster that we have a ranking ladder for. Play these games anytime with a friend and see how good you are!!


This game offers networking using Appletalk protocol AND direct TCP/IP connections. This can be accomplished in a local area network, Apple Remote Access and IPRemote (via Internet connection).

Local Area Network- 2 players per game.

IPRemote Network- 2 players per game.

TCP/IP Network- 2 players per game.

Cross Platform- Mac only version available at this time.

Rules of Play on Sim-Net Network:

Each game has its own rules, but for our purposes we will just say that when playing CHESS on Sim-Net, players are not allowed to use other computers or computerized chess games to assist them in playing over the internet.

Setting up a Network Game:

Once you have found an opponent in the Sim-Net chat rooms AND connected to the Sim-Net IPRemote Server, start your Gamemaster game. Be sure to decide on WHICH player is GOING to be STARTING and which player is going to WAITING! If you are going to play TCP/IP rather than using Appletalk (Over IPRemote), get your opponents IP address prior to starting a game.

When the game has started, use the FILE menu and select NEW GAME -CHESS.

Use the GAME MENU and select CONNECT. If you are playing over TCP/IP AND you are the HOST, TYPE in the IP address of your opponent and click OK. If you are the person joining WAIT for a message asking if you want to play. CLICK the PLAY button when you get the message.

If you are playing over IPRemote, select the name of your opponent from the listing of appletalk players. Then select OK. Refer to above if you are WAITING for your opponent to START a game.

Once the game begins, you can chat inside a private chat room inside of Sim-Net OR open a chat room inside of Gamemaster.

For additional rules on how other Gamemaster games are played, check the readme file INSIDE the game!