Sim-Net Network Services
now provides affordable custom networks built for
Businesses, Educational Institutions and Government Agencies!

Creating a network can be very expensive. Whether you are a Business, Educational Institution or Government Agency, searching for a practical method of creating a secure network is a difficult task.

Hiring network specialists to create, install and administer your new network can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars every year.


Let Sim-Net CREATE a VIRTUAL NETWORK at OUR LOCATION that is accessible via the internet AND dedicated to YOUR needs. Computers (Mac or PC's) with standard PPP internet connections are all you need- that means there are NO ETHERNET WIRES TO RUN INSIDE YOUR OFFICES!!!

Here is how it works:

You get an online network of your own - with your insitutions graphics, sounds and files. We create the network for you, all we need from you are the photo's that you'd like us to use (i.e., logo's, photo's of your business, school, main site, etc.)

We set up the network at OUR site (Unless you specifically wish to maintain the server at your location). We give YOU the training you need to manage and operate YOUR server or WE will administer it for you.

Networks are created and leased to insitutions based on the NUMBER of USERS accessing their network. Just let us know how many employee's, students, customers or administrators you would like to use your online service, and we will take care of the rest!

What can you do on your online network?

Business can:

Educational Institutions can:

Government Institutions can:

Sim-Net offers on-site training to your employees, adminstrators, teachers, and/or students.

Sim-Net is the leader in innovative network design!

Sim-Net now has a DEMO SERVER so that you can get an idea of what Sim-Net can do for you. If you want to see the availble services, simply download the file(s) listed below (Select either the Mac or PC files below by CLICKING on the TEXT). You can use the GUEST USER ID's and Password to access the different accounts.

Each account gives you another look at what Sim-Net can do for you!

Macintosh Demo's:

Sim-Net Business Demo Network for Mac
Sim-Net Educational Demo Network for Mac
Sim-Net Government Demo Network for Mac

PC Demo's:

Sim-Net Business Demo Network for PC
Sim-Net Educational Demo Network for PC
Sim-Net Government Demo Network for PC

Once you have the DEMO software that you wishb to ty out, use the USER ID and PASSWORD listed below to access the server.
Let's face it. Now you know what a network can do for you, but you might be unsure EXACTLY what it will look like right? Well, worry no more because Sim-Net will make a SAMPLE network FREE OF CHARGE just to demonstrate how incredibly useful your own business network can be.

Let us SHOW you what we can do for costs you nothing. For more information, please send a note to: Mark F. Payne - or call us at (408)295-4263

We want your business to do well, and an online network can help make that happen.

We look forward to showing you what we can do for you!