Game Description:

A-10 Cuba! is the newest release from Parsoft® and its network possibilities are endless. With this release, network maniacs can go head-to-head (up to 8 players per arena in local area network play) in their A-10 warthogs in 4 playing areas.

What makes this game stand out from all the others is its attention to detail. In most flight simulation games, as your aircraft takes damage it increases incrementally in large steps (i.e., loss of BOTH engines, loss of ALL weapons systems, etc.). With A-10 Cuba!, the reality hits you square in the face as you find that the END OF YOUR WING just flew off! The plane gets harder to control but you can compensate for certain damage using the pieces of your plane that you have left. A-10 Cuba! offers a SMALL incremental damage assessment of your aircraft making it 100 times more realistic than any game on the market today.

One remarkable element is the presence of WIND inside the game. During one flight mission I was forced to eject from my hog and found that the wind was so great it ripped the parachute right off of my back. I watched in awe as my cyber -pilot fell to his death, screaming as he it the ground.

To put it simply, there is no other game on the market today that compares with the REALISM that you feel in A-10 Cuba! Great work Parsoft!


This game offers networking using Appletalk protocol. This can be accomplished in a local area network, Apple Remote Access and IPRemote (via Internet connection).

Local Area Network- 4 playing areas, 8 pilots per area. Total 32 concurrent players.

IPRemote Network- Still testing. Minimum of 2 players per playing area has been tested successfully.

Cross Platform- Mac only version available at this time.

Rules of Play on Sim-Net Network:

There is no hard deck and no ceiling limits in this game. Fly at any altitude.

Weapons are preselected internally by the game. you are given a full load of ammunition and 4 AIM-9's. Pilots may use any loaded weapons anytime during flight.

No fly-by required. (A "Fly-By" is where two planes must pass prior to engaging in battle)

First Pilot to DIE loses. Loss of a plane does not count as a loss.

Setting up a Network Game:

Once you have found an opponent in the Sim-Net chat rooms AND connected to the Sim-Net IPRemote Server, start your A-10 Cuba! game. Be sure to decide on WHICH playing area you will be using for your match!

When the selection area appears, select the Network button.

Select one of the FOUR playing areas that you agreed to have your match in. For IPRemote you MUST SELECT SLOW network for the game to work properly.

Select the GO! button and begin your flight. Your plane will start out IN FLIGHT. You will need to locate your enemy as quickly as possible and destroy him/her.

Use your "5" key to VIEW THE ENEMY AIRCRAFT. Use this view to help you locate the enemy and position your attack.

First one DEAD...loses!!! Good luck!